Microsoft Windows XP Theme That Looks Like Mac

Microsoft Windows XP Theme That Looks Like Mac

September 27, 2020 1 By Syed Karar Ali

Here we are for the as big reveal. We have come across news that Microsoft is about to or perhaps had a secret Window XP theme that will make it look like Mac. It is not a big and a different thing in the field to be upgraded. There are different ways of an upgrade but specifically for the working environment the upgrade that matters most and more that is seen by anyone is the theme of the working environment of a window or a software assessed by it. The newness is that Microsoft has come up with a new and a secret theme for Windows XP that will make it look like Mac.

A recent leak of Windows XP code has revealed the work of Microsoft on its operating system and some of the themes that were unreleased. These themes made or worked on was in created early during the XP’s development in late 2000.

The real thing that you need to know is that the new theme of Microsoft is named “Candy”. More interestingly the theme has a very close resemblance with the Apple Aqua interface. Apple’s Aqua interface was first introduced at the Macworld Conference & Expo 2000.  Now it is another piece of talk that the theme of Microsoft is either copy and invention or a cheat. Although the effort of Microsoft is yet not completed.

More About New Theme

Yet the new theme of Microsoft for Windows XP is not complete. The start button of Windows XP and other buttons. And other than the button the UI elements are in a clear way themed as that of Apple’s Aqua. We still have not come up to this that whether this is a copy of the internal matters of the companies. 

This talk is not of less interest and reveals. So, Microsoft has not released the new theme to the Window XP, and here we conclude that it’s used as the previous source code of the Operating System. Here more smartly the windows are now going to take out the Candy theme as a place holder for the development of the theme engine for Window XP. This is a big grab by the team Microsoft and Windows. 

According to The Verge ( The theme itself is described as “Whistler skin with eye candy” and marked as “for internal use only” ). Whistler is the code name for Windows XP. This is the tricky part as the windows have taken the theme more likely implemented and overall have been named accordingly with its codename. Maybe to deal with the copyright Gig Gag.

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By digging more to this matter we have come across that Microsoft had finally released its blue and grey  Luna theme for the finishing version of windows as an update. Which was originally released in the operating system of the windows XP in the year of 2001. This was indeed an update of the theme version of the XP OS allowing the third-party themes. And a lot of customizability as per user like.

Microsoft has been developing Windows for an era. When surprisingly there was an intense contest between Apple and Microsoft on the Desktop Operating System. It is obvious that the companies and firms that are in that same line have competition. But I think Apple put the last nail in the coffin. When it made the fun of the Microsoft saying that  with the banners that stop the copying. This was done by Apple in the annual developers confrere of the Microsoft.

Apple also ran a campaign to Get a Mac ad campaign heading on the flaws of the windows. And lately, in the ’90s windows were highly impressed by Apple’s classic Mac. Which for windows turns out to be OS X. Apple has also borrowed some of windows features. 

This is it for now after new news we will come up to you. With new reveals.


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