Top 10 best andriod offline  games in 2020 that require no WIFI

Top 10 best andriod offline games in 2020 that require no WIFI

August 30, 2020 1 By Iman Gul

Are you looking for the best offline android games? If Yes! Then you are at the right place. Online games cause high ping issues, buffering, and connectivity problems so why not to say hello to offline games. The best advantage of offline games is that it doesn’t require wifi or data package. Without wifi, you can fully enjoy the game. No wastage of money on heavy internet packages. Just install it once and enjoy for rest of the life. You can play offline games in your leisure time. Kids love to play games especially when everyone is locked in their homes due to COVID-19. Top 10 best offline android games are the following:

1. Temple Run

2. Subway Surfers

3. Fruit Ninja

4. Crossy Roads

5. Eternium

6. Dead Trigger

7. Ramboat

8. Bubble shooter

9. Pocket city

10. Crashlands

1.Temple Run Game:

temple run offline game
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Temple run is one of the best offline games. This game has very exciting graphics that attract gamers to this game. This game requires no internet connection. Just you need to install it once then without any internet package you can enjoy it freely. Temple Run is based on 3D technology that made it different from other games. It is developed by Imangi Studios. This game was designed for IOS devices but later on, it was also provided to Android devices. In this game, the player is running from an evil that is chasing him. Rather than evil, the player faces many other wooden obstacles too. This game was developed in only 4 months. You can download this amazing game from Google play store anytime.


2. Subway Surfers Run Game: 

subway surfers offline game
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The Second best offline game is subway surfers. In this game, you have to collect maximum coins to buy different characters. This game is very simple and easy to play. In this game, the player has to run from an inspector and his dog. During game players also get different powers to run fast from that inspector such as jumper pack, flyer rocket, and magnet to collect more and more coins. It is a runner android game that is made by Kiloo and Sybo games. A subway surfer is the first android game to hit 1 billion downloads. You can play this game without internet. Any age group can enjoy this game. It contains many weekly and monthly missions to get extra coins. Download this game from Google play store now.


3. Fruit Ninja Game

fruit Ninja
A picture by Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja is another exciting game that can be played offline. This game is more famous for its offline availability. It is developed by half-brick. This game is from both android and IOS users. In this game, the player has to cut the different fruits by a blade in different shapes. After cutting one fruit, a new fruit popped up to the screen. Fruit Ninja was released in 2010 and it has crossed 300 million downloads.


4. Crossy Roads Arcade Game:

crossy roads
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A crossy road is an offline game that can be played without any internet source. It was developed by Hipster Whale. It is an arcade game that was made in 2014. In this game, the player has to cross different roads on the highway that is full of traffic. The directions are very important for players to choose a direction that has no obstacles and vehicles. Avoid colliding with any trucks and cars. This game has developed a good sense of traffic on roads. Reviews regarding Crossy roads are very good. You can download it free and enjoy it.


5. Eternium RPG Game

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The fifth best offline game is Eternium. It is an action and exciting RPG game. This game is best for people who love action and thriller games. In this game, you have to run through bricks and difficult places to discover various ruins. The player must kill bad guys to save his life in the game. Download game from playstore .


6. Dead Trigger Horror Game:

dead trigger
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The dead trigger is another offline game that is played in the whole world. This game is a horror-based theme game in which player has to survive by collecting cash and gold coins. By that cash and coins, players can buy different weapons such as AK47, pistols, guns, and other melee weapons. This game was developed in 2012 by Madfinger games.


7. Ramboats Action Game:

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Ramboat is an action offline game. In this game, players will shoot and run from enemies to survive in the game. Players can use different weapons to kill the army enemies. The player will jump from different rods and obstacles. It’s a full action game that you can enjoy without the internet. By buying coins you can upgrade your Ramboats. Fire your best weapon and pulverize the foe armed force! Play Ramboat 2, the best run and firearm firing activity game, and help your companions to crush the adversaries. Tweak your legend with the things you’ll purchase in the black-market, pick your outfit, and improve your battle aptitudes! Endurance at all cost and is a legend metal fighter!


 8. Bubble Shooter Game:

bubble shooter
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A bubble shooter is an interesting offline game. In this game, many-colored bubbles have appeared on screen and all you have to do is to shoot them one by one by their certain matching color. This game is best to kill the time on holidays. Bubble shooter is a very easy game to play. This game was developed in 2010 for IOS devices later on it was converted into the android platform. The idea of the game is to collect three same colors bubble. The game closures when the balls arrive at the reality of the screen. The more balls obliterated in one shot the more focuses scored. A player wins when no balls are staying on the screen.


9. Pocket City Game:

pocket city offline game
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Pocket City is an offline game in which you have to build different city .it is only available for android devices. Make your city unique by choosing different building blocks; choose good colors so it looks good at the end. This game is for creative game players. For wining daily prices players have to complete daily quests.


10. Crashlands Action Game:

crashlands offline game
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Crashlands is an offline game that can be played with no internet facility. This game was developed by Butterscotch is an android game that was released in 2016. In this game, players have to crash land with different weapons. You can download this game from google play store.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Your recommendations and suggestions are welcomed in comment section. Thanks for reading this. Stay blessed!

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