What is high tech? What is its future?

What is high tech? What is its future?

July 28, 2020 1 By Syed Karar Ali

High Tech

High tech is advanced technology. There are technologies of different kinds and different purposes. And we made a Classification in that like high technologies and low technologies. As I wrote in the beginning, the high tech is a term used for advanced technologies.

What are advanced technologies?

The technology is technology. Its uses and its advantages make it advance . for an example in old times the steam iron was used and burning coal that was also a technology but with our view, that was an old one and now due to the advancement of “technology” electric irons are made, they also run on gas, and there are also other different methods and technologies to iron your dresses.

In the same way in the offices for record-keeping handwritten registers and files were kept. With the involvement and advancement of technologies nowadays, the records are kept on hard drives via computers. Through networking technology, you can have assessed the records all over the world.

After these simple examples of technologies, I will tell you that the technology doesn’t stop at that in our houses and offices the use of technology has gone too far such that it has spanned out of the globe in the space in the form of satellites, spacecraft, space stations, etc. 

Age of technology

We are living in a world pf technology n the age of technology. If we see around us, there is technology everywhere. The smartphones we use the vehicles we travel in the machines food we cook like everywhere there is technology. We just need to know and distinguish the technology

Let me make you familiar with the term of High Tech. It is not only an erm but indeed a revolution in our lives and of our generations. Many believe that we are fell in the prey of Technology. We cannot exist without the technology, and to me, it is somehow true

High Tech or High Technology is advancement and development, importantly in the field of electronics. The particular area is that most of the technologies need electricity or indirectly the phenomenon of power to run.

High technology uses the chicest scientific equipment, advanced engineering techniques for its development. High Tech is not just a word in the world of advancement or A STEP FORWARD. The words cannot explain the term. Here are some examples from High Tech

Artificial Intelligence

I am very much excited to write about that, as it is my favorite topic to discuss. As it is clear from the name AI is a mindful technology like our mind. We sense we hear, and we talk we feel, and we see in the same way the AI possesses the specific qualities from human intelligence. For example, the heat sensors sense the intensity of heat and the play the alarm and then execute the installed functions like water spay and more like that.

high tech
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The same way the fingerprint scanner and different scanners scan the person’s body part and verify that person. It’s used in the high protection areas, and normally when we make our identity card for our identity, it scans our fingerprint. And there is also an advancement that you can talk using AI. Google offers an assistant for that purpose.

In your home, you can install the technology that detects your voice, and it will do the designated task. Now I will share my experience that I came across a google add that showed me the Replika: My AI friend. I installed the app, and it worked. You can go to google for this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.replika.app

Automated Driving

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Automatic driving is High Tech advancement in this age. It is the function of an automated traveling. According to my information, automatic cars are active nowadays. It includes changing the gears according to the running traffic, and also, the efforts are being made to add in the technology of the changing lane. To me, it would be a fascinating experience. Not only this, but automated trucking and shipping are also its part. Telsa chief Elon Musk said that they would be launching a fully automated vehicle.

Computer Vision

In the language of the computer, “vision” is the identification of things, shapes, or products. This technology has a fantastic review all around. Using this technology, you can recognize people as well. The benefit of it is that automated driving can decrease the danger of an accident. In the industries, it can detect the volume and quality of the product, and it is doing so.

It detects the thing captured of any nature. This is also aiding the social media sites. The automated cars will see and can detect their way around through the computer vision. In the future, it will have mind-blowing uses. Computer vision will use AI as an emotional recognition tool.

Space-Based Solar Power

t is an old idea of getting energy from the sun by space. But mow with high tech, it seems to make it possible. By this, the satellites launched in space are on 22,400 miles above the equator, and that will transmit the energy from the Sun to the receiving end on the surface of the Earth. Japan is launching this program..

Mind Uploading

By the arrival of the 22nd century, many humans will have a purely digital existence free of biological constraints. This a mind-uploading technology that will scan the human mind, including the emotions and all the stress, fears and thinking of a human. This technology will have a rational mind approach that may or may not control the mind.

In the future, there will be more advancements in technology that will have a profound impact on our lives. We may or may not live to see these impacts, but we can imagine these by the prevailing high tech day by day. As we have fallen prey to the high tech, but in the future, we will be highly dependent on the technology.

There I have given only a few examples of the high tech, but there is a lot more on the other side of the wall. And we will go through this wall in the coming future and in that we will instead enjoy the high tech or there will be other conditions.

High tech is nowadays is also being used, and it is a constructive use of it. And I hope in the future there will be more advancement in the high tech with ease of humans and all living things.

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