Apple SE2 Review: Every Thing You Need to Know

Apple SE2 Review: Every Thing You Need to Know

July 26, 2020 0 By Syed Karar Ali

iPhone SE2 Review

Before starting the review, I have the news first for my viewers which is rolling around regarding the new product launched by the apple 

Big News

Without any delay, the news is that the apple company has made it confirmed that the new iOS 14 that is the company’s new revolutionary software update, would be introduced in our today discussed product iPhone SE2 later in 2020.

The primary purpose of the company to launch this product is the low price postulate. The people who wanted to use the iPhone product and can’t afford it can easily buy the product at a low price. In this way, people can enjoy the iPhone experience.  

The price of SE2 in terms of USD dollar is 399$, and in PKRs, it’s 90,000.

The full pricing is as follow

  • iPhone SE2  64GB                      $399
  • Apple iPhone SE2  128GB                    $499
  • iPhone SE2  256GB                    $549


iPhone SE2 has a 4.7-inch wide display with a screen resolution of 1334×750 and 326 PPI. The display of the smartphone by Apple is a True Tone display. Most importantly and the thing that is noticed the most is the cameras. So the rare camera of the iPhone SE is 12MP  single lens, and the front camera is 7 MP, which I think is very good. It possesses an A13 Bionic chip that is the most potent Silicon to grace inside of a smartphone. Bionic chip is the fastest GPU. If you see the graphs of the chip, then you will be able to admit the importance and quality I’ve mentioned.

Moreover, iPhone SE2 has a touch ID. It comes with a 3GB fast RAM. Apple iPhone SE also allows the Portrait Mode with depth control executed by the humans only. 

It looks like that of the iPhone 8, and its internals is more likely as of iPhone 11. Apple iPhone SE2 is a high-speed charging device with a long battery also features wireless charging. It has a pre-installed coil that does the wireless charging, and it supports Qi-based wireless charging.

Apple iphone SE2 has dual sim support as the and Bluetooth GPS and NFC.


The Apple propelled iPhone SE2 has WiFi 6 alongside 2×2 MIMO, compared to iPhone 11 line. In visit Wi-Fi test drive it has been seen that iPhone SE has the comparative speeds of 293 megabits per second as iPhone 11 Master Max have which yanked 303MB/s. Typically totally unusual and shifts on your claim network’s shape, which can be pressed by the number of administrators and the number of contraptions associated, but it did appear comparable execution in our studio and domestic.

Camera / Photography Overview

In my locate, the make-or-break highlight for the iPhone SE2 is the iPhone SE camera and how well it works in day to day utilization. Apple has taken a bet that it can make strides photo highlight utilizing picture preparing fueled by the A13 Bionic chipset.

Spoiler caution: the hazard has paid off abundantly. The unused iPhone SE2 can each so frequently stand up to the iPhone 11 Master Max in positions of characteristic snapping, and as it tried when it comes to the zones where the equipment is lost or lacking.

I’ll clarify more around that in a miniature. Still, I’ve differentiated the iPhone SE2 2020 to the iPhone 11 Professional Max, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone 8 Also, and it takes its claim well. Before we go into more truth around the camera’s execution, let’s see at the equipment: the iPhone SE2 camera is utilizing the comparable set of focal points, and megapixel number up, as the iPhone 8 employments, with a 12MP camera, a 6 component focal point and a cobalt glass cover for depth.

I don’t know the precise sensor that’s being utilized. Apple would not confirm whether it had overhauled the equipment at that portion, but the same 12MP camera and streak 1.8 gaps remain. It seems that there’s a tiny move to the sensor.

Though, Apple has kept the comparable equipment glasses for the ‘normal’ wide-angle focal point on the iPhone sweep since the iPhone 8. Gigantically improved the quality of the pictures, which demonstrates the processor is doing a parcel of the health-boosting. So fair how much alter does implant the iPhone SE2 with the same A13 Bionic chipset, complete with that upgraded picture indicial processor inside, make?

The fast reply is, Put photographs taken from the iPhone SE2 2020 following to snaps taken with the iPhone 8 Also camera and you’ll immediately see more exact color multiplication, made strides sharpness, and an for the most part ‘better’ photo whether taken in both brighter and darker conditions.

Battery life 

Battery life could be a troublesome subject to the touch on, as standard homogeneous tests can as it were so pertinent to any given client. A few are more pleasant than others, but in case we know what you’re doing, we can’t anticipate precisely how your battery life will perform.

What we can do, or anybody can do, is utilize the portable phone for several days and report on how great the battery keeps up. Individuals that have been using it since dispatch and have frequently finished the day after typically utilize with more than 20 percent of battery remaining.

Apple pronounces it’ll reach 13 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback. That’s lower than what the iPhone 11 can drag off, which Apple performs is 17 hours of video playback and 65 hours of sound playback.

This may be an issue of material science. The iPhone SE2 encompasses a lesser capacity than the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Professional Max have, and by this, it holds less charge. That exchange-off is fair a portion of the bargain of this gadget to hit that cost conclusion that Apple needed to hit.

iPhone SE2 Appearance

iPhone SE2
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The iPhone SE2 accurately has the same plan and shows as the iPhone 8 propelled in 2017. Utilizing this frame component and screen equipment lets Apple keep the taken a toll of the gadget as moo because it possesses because it didn’t have to be spent in an entire unused generation process.

It feels just like the iPhone circle has gone on in three a long time, even though. Presently the 4.7-inch screen with the thick bezels over and underneath feels like it has a place to the above.

In that time, the driving iPhone run has moved to an all-screen show – notwithstanding a score at best. You’re displayed with barely any bezels whereas, with more quality aluminum interior. Things have got a small more substantial in later years.

Picking up the modern iPhone SE2, the primary thing you’ll take note of is how excruciating it is. Once more, a few might not see the alter in case they’re coming from a little phone from 2016/17. But putting in a belief it seems have been a parcel graver. As the gadgets within the greener all-screen iPhone changes are a parcel heavier. 

One mistrusts that if Apple had booted up the initial iPhone SE2 shape, with the littler 4-inch screen and clickable domestic button. Whereas in reality, nothing like that iPhone incorporates a haptic not moving button, it would still have exchanged well; but the bigger 4.7-inch LCD screen is more advantageous for today’s apps, which make high utilization of the extended display.

  • Back: Mineral Glass
  • 7.3 mm  thickness 
  • 67.3 mm width
  • 148 grams Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Dust resistant
  • 138.4 mm Hight

Colors Available: Black, Red, White Colors

iPhone SE2 pros

  • Potent A13 Bionic processor chip is inserted in for the best possible performance.
  • The photographic camera is beautiful/excellent and supported by iOS 13 which I think is awesome.
  • The portrait function appears suitable for a particular lens setup and allows an in-depth view.
  • Wi-Fi 6 is provided for the users.
  • Wireless charging features have a blast.
  • Great size that is easily handled and looks attractive.
  • Sleek like iPhone 8 body exemplary.

iPhone SE2 cons

  • It has the only 2T2R for LTE.
  • iPhone SE2 has a limited to a solo wide-angle camera.
  • Haptic Touch has constraints accordingly.
  • Battery performance is only OK for the long run timers. 

iPhone SE2 Rating

Typically difficult. If you’re trying to find the foremost, you’ll likely get out of an iPhone, and the cost is no reason; the iPhone SE2 could be a 4 out of 5. But, that $399 price and what you get for that cost is exceedingly powerful. And the highlight imperfections against more expensive models can be ignored, so if that’s the court case, it is a 5 out of 5 phones. So, by and large, I’ll deliver it a 4.5 out of 5 since no one iPhone is flawless for everyone.

Taking into account all the features iPhone SE2 is a great product to buy.

It provides the amazing features that allow the users a friendly working environment. It also has an attractive look and amazing output performance. In addition to that, its features also match with the iPhone 11. It has a comprehensive app gallery with newly introduced features. 

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