Zoom-bombing’ added to Google Meet protection, against intrusions

Zoom-bombing’ added to Google Meet protection, against intrusions

July 23, 2020 0 By Hifza Khan

The pandemic situation due to COVID-19  shifted everything over the internet. From small family conversations to long conferences for business meetings, school lectures, or any formal meeting. Video conferencing is inconceivably prevalent but moreover given us a new term to memorize Zoom-bombing. Earlier this marvel was only constrained to Zoom, but now Google is presently setting in GoogleMeet to ensure smooth calls. Going to discuss”Zoom-bombing’ added to Google Meet protection, against intrusions” with you. How will it benefit the google meet conferencing? What impact it leaves both on the user and the popularity of the app as well.

What is the Zoom bombing?

Zoom-bombing is when someone anonymously enters your meeting to crash the call or creating a disturbance.


It’s when mysterious clients enter your video chat—in this case, on the Zoomgatherings service—and causing all sorts of disruption.

Security feature Add on for Google meet protection

Google is going to introduce new security add on. This security feature is for Google meet protection against the unwanted entrance of people to video conferencing.

Why it is needed?

The day video conferencing got popularity worldwide; attackers got another way to tease people. It can be done both intentionally and unintentionally. Maybe your business rival is asking someone to break into your meeting. A school student is questioning his/her friends to join the call and disturb the instructors anonymously or to force them to end the class early.

Few Highlighted Cases of zoombombing

On a Thursday evening in late April, 27-year-old financial specialist Christian dialled into a Zoom assembly for a Berlin think-tank. Around 60 individuals joined the customary get-together, examining approach reactions to the pandemic. At 7:40 PM, puzzle client “Christoph H.” burst into the conference. It was difficult for him to talk and also for team members to hear.

In Walk, trolls seized a liquor drinker Mysteriously entered a meeting in  New York, with one yelling “Liquor is so great!” to the gathered meeting

When is Google introducing google meet protection feature?

Google is turning on unused security highlights in its Google Meet video chat. It benefits the gatherings held by instructors and supporters the company has reported. The changes, which are due to go into impact over the other 15 days, will cruel that mysterious clients won’t be able to connect gatherings organized by G Suite for education or G Suite Enterprise for Instruction endorsers. A mysterious client is anybody not marked into a Google account, the company says.

A security feature will be in action before the end of July 2020. It’s conceivable to impair the unused security feature add on, but an admin will need to contact G Suite support system to make it disable. It’s on by default for all the G-Suite users.


Google implementing this security feature to avoid the disturbance created by students and other persons. Within the coming days, that will now not be conceivable(to disturb the instructor or anonymously enter the class); 

In a case, if somebody does oversee to crash a call, they will be known by the Google account they utilized to pick up the section.

Final words

Google is adding more security features to its claimed google meet for making it more reliable and secure. Pandemic has made these video conferencing apps to reach the popularity skies. Google is continuously testing the features that are going to make this app better than other rivals like zoom. Stay tuned for further updates on google meet.

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