10 Foods that are Bad for your health

10 Foods that are Bad for your health

July 18, 2020 0 By Hifza Khan

Food is, no doubt, a necessity for every human being. A healthy body needs healthy eating and diet. With the evolution of more restaurants, people are more likely to eat outside and especially junk food. These seem to be more delicious, and people love to eat them. But they are equally dangerous for health. Well, there are so many foods that are bad for your health, but here is the list of “10 foods that are bad for your health”. There can be as many reasons as many food items to be categorized in lousy food.


To me, junk food is something that is yummiest by taste, equally high on sugar, salt, and fats. With least or even negligible nutrients that are essential for a healthy body.

Junk food is a food that is processed, preserved, or packaged. These foods are kept under so many artificial conditions, and most of the ingredients are not suitable for healthy living.


Junk food is always a priority while on the go, people of every age group have their own choices. In Pakistan, the fast-food industry became the second largest industry with a vast number of regular customers. According to statistics, 169 million people consume fast food in Pakistan. Recent surveys say that about 37% of America’s total population is addicted to fast food. A vast number !!!.well for America one of the critical reasons for the popularity of fast food is its low cost. Much cheaper than preparing food at home.


Food is not bad; the only thing that is bad is to eat something excessively. Excess of anything results in damages to your body either physically, emotionally, or in any other way. Fast Foods have an excessive amount of salts, fats, sugar, and cholesterol. Our bodies require these as well but not regularly and in an adequate amount. Eating too many fats, sugar, and cholesterol will result in so many diseases.

I am listing down the food items that are not good for your health. One should avoid these and eat healthily.

1. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks something you also know as carbonated drinks, soda, or soft drinks. These drinks are high in added carbonates, high level of sugar, fructose, artificial flavors, etc. when I was a child, I read in my science book that in fizzy drinks, “Carbon dioxide is added under pressure.” With zero nutrient value, these are harmful to an individual’s health.

Many studies and researches proved that they are hazardous for health, but people still consume it regularly. Even some are addicted to them so much that it becomes part of their daily routine.


They lead to so many diseases, including premature tooth decaying, increased sugar level(leading to diabetes), and child obesity. You might have heard about a famous line about some brands that “if you wash your toilet with these drinks, it will leave them shiny and clean.” Imagine how much worst effects they are leaving on our bodies.


  • Make sure that you use these drinks in lesser quantity and rarely.
  •  If your child is having this, ask them to use straws to avoid direct contact.
  • Use plain water instead of these carbonated drinks, as this will help you to keep your body hydrated.

2. Fried Items

Fried items are known to be the most dangerous one for health as these contain a high amount of unsaturated fats. High intake of fried things in daily routine leads to cardio diseases, skin problems, stomach issues, etc. Desserts are also available in fried items. Imagine a high amount of sugar, then coated or cooked in high fats, look delicious, but this is very dangerous for health.


  • These excessive amounts of fats and sugar consumed lead to the blockage of veins resulting in a heart attack or heart strokes.
  • It can increase stomach acidity, resulting in several skin diseases like uncontrolled acne .biggest problem for teenagers!!
  • Diabetes. It means you are welcoming so many diseases by yourself.


  • Avoid too many sugary and deep-fried items.
  • For sugar cravings, eat fruits or opt for a lesser portion of home-baked cake or any other item.
  • Make sure you should focus on the calorie count.

3. Bakery items

Most of the time in Pakistan, on the arrival of guests or in super with tea, bakery items are preferred. Cookies, cakes, pastries, and muffins, etc. These packed items are all made with refined ingredients with added unhealthy trans fats. Refined sugar and processed wheat are used.


Excessive use of these items leads to unhealthy body with gain of weight.

4. Processed meat

Processed meat is the most commonly used form of meat nowadays. With busy schedules, people don’t have time to buy meat themselves. Companies use a high amount of salts and preservatives to keep the beef usable for a long time also to maintain its color.

Meat items like nuggets, sausages are loved by almost every age group. But these items are not prepared well in the majority of the cases, and they contain fewer nutrients.


The increased amount of salts and fats with preservatives lead to heart diseases, Blood pressure issues, and these processed meats and items form many forms of cancer.

Studies have found that sausages are one of the main reasons for bowel cancer.


  • Take some time for yourself and buy meat yourself.
  • Don’t preserve /store meat and raw meat items for long.

5. Pizza

It is one of the most loved fast food by almost every age group. Eating pizza can be okay, but when it’s only eaten once in a blue moon. Those who cannot survive a day without pizza, they don’t know how dangerous it can be for their health. The primary reason is that pizza is made of refined flour, and we all know that it is zero at the nutrient level. It increases the number of fats you are taking, and one can get addicted to pizza due to its ingredient.


  • Pizza leaves adverse effects on the human body. The cheese used in pizza increase the levels of bad cholesterol. And lousy cholesterol is a significant source of heart strokes and heart attacks.
  • It can also be a source of increased acidity.


  • Do not get addicted to it!
  • Eat vegetable pizza instead of chicken pizza; it will cut down some calories and fats. If eating pizza is necessary.
  • Use fewer toppings and sauces, avoid consuming extra cheese.

6. Burgers

Fast foods are high on calories, containing vast amounts of sodium and fats. Burgers are becoming the easiest meal option for all age groups, but this is equally dangerous for health. They should only be preferred for occasions. One burger contains so many calories that it can easily create havoc to your system.


  • After eating burgers, it releases insulin in your body, leaving you to feel hungry after a few hours. This can cause diabetes.
  • A high amount of fats can cause cardio diseases in future life. Sodium damages the blood vessels. It also increases the weight due to the vast amount of calories in it.


  • Burgers should be chosen for some occasions only.
  • Prefer a healthy natural homemade food over the burger.

7. Fries

French fries are, no doubt, the yummiest food for kids and even teenagers. In June 2017, publication in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition described a case study of 4,400 older adults monitored over an eight-year period that resulted as:

Suppose a person is eating french fries more than twice a week. The death rate will be doubled for them, and they are at more risk of dying at an early stage.


French fries are the source of increased deaths because it has a lot of fats and sodium(salt), which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure.

8. Canned Soups

Soups are ultimately an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, but as far as it is homemade. Because a person knows the exact portion, he/she needs for a healthy diet. They are considered bad for health due to the high volume of sodium(salts).


Increased salt level increases the rate of heart stroke, blood pressure, and other heart diseases.


  • Prefer making soup of your own choice and according to your personal needs.
  • Add good portions of vegetables that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

9. Cheesy Pasta

Pasta is one of the most consumed items and my personal favorite as well. But daily and overconsumption of baked pasta with cheese and creamy sauces are not suitable for health. Pasta is made of refined flour. The addition of creamy sauces, cheese, and fillings of red meat makes it very heavy and less nutrient. At times it leaves your stomach full, but after sometimes, you feel more to eat.


Cheese contains extra unsaturated fats. Pasta has a high number of carbs. One cup cooked cup of spaghetti contains more than half calories preferred in daily 2000 calorie intake. Eating creamy sauce pasta regularly is bad for health. It increases body weight and may result in the blockage of veins.


  • To fulfill your carvings, take an adequate amount of boiled pasta.
  • Season it with vegetables, add some sauces to it.
  • Enjoy your meal then!!

10. Ice-Cream

It s very high in sugar, saturated fat, and calories. Eat occasionally because they are loaded with extra sugar which is not good for health.


An excessive amount of sugar and fats result in weight gain and also lead to a heart attack.


  • Do not eat ice cream regularly.
  • Eat-in less amount.
  • Always choose plain yogurt, better if homemade. Or mix fruits with yogurt it will give you a great taste.


Eating food is a necessity but remaining moderate while eating is at your hand. Avoid junk food and prefer homemade food. Highly productive at vitamins, proteins, and keep your diet moderate. So, your body can take all the requirements to grow healthy. Food is not bad; the way you consume it makes it bad or good.

Eat healthily and stay healthy, so that you can perform your duties efficiently and energetically!!

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