2019 vs 2020. How the world has changed due to Corona Virus. What to expect next?

2019 vs 2020. How the world has changed due to Corona Virus. What to expect next?

May 21, 2020 0 By Hamza Malik

Corona Virus, also known as Covid-19, is a disease caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. The disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. A fight between COVID-19 and the world is undergoing. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a Global Health Hazard. Its symptoms include cough, fever, breathing problems, and fatigue. There is no vaccine for this disease.

A large number of people are getting affected by this virus. It has spread in more than 180 countries. Almost 5 million confirmed cases around the world. America, Italy, and The United Kingdom are amongst the most affected countries. More than 300,000 people have been died because of this pandemic. Prevention is the most effective weapon against COVID-19. Its preventions include using a face mask, washing hands frequently, social distancing, etc.

Effects of COVID-19:

This pandemic has affected the world economically, politically, and socially. The world in 2020 is way different than it was in 2019. The pandemic has changed our world to a large extent. It has some positive as well as negative impacts on society. It has improved the atmosphere and the weather of the Earth. The Ozone layer is getting better because there is less pollution during the lockdown. People are getting more concerned about their health.

People are spending more time with their families. They are working from home. Everyone is observing social distancing. Everyone has plenty of free time these days. It is a chance to improve our abilities, eradicate our shortcomings, and learn new skills. We can work hard in this free time to get perform well in our respective fields after the ongoing lockdown.

It also has some negative impacts on our society. Like, the economies are crashing, unemployment is increasing, depression and other mental diseases are affecting common people, social life is getting ruined. We will discuss some effects of Coronavirus on the world and the world after this pandemic. the following are some effects of COVID-19 on our society.

Global Brotherhood:

Global Brotherhood
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Coronavirus has hit the whole world. This virus affects all nations. Every country is working hard to win the battle against coronavirus. The developed countries can tackle the current situation by using their resources. These countries have better medical facilities and can provide necessary facilities to their citizens.

On the other hand, the under-developed countries are facing difficulty to fight the virus. They have no resources to meet their problems. You can see a Global brotherhood in such a harsh time. The whole world is under the umbrella of COVID-19. There are so many examples that countries are helping other countries.

Like, G 20 has given great relief in debts to the underdeveloped nations. A few days back, the United States sent ventilators to Russia. UAE sent aid to Israel via a particular flight. China has provided doctors, medical kits, medical staff, and other essential stuff to Pakistan. The whole world is fighting against this pandemic as one unit. Scientists are working hard to make an effective vaccine of coronavirus. All the nations are helping other countries at the time of difficulty, regardless of ethnicity. The world is providing a perfect example of global brotherhood in this hard time.

People are more concerned about their health:

It is the time of a global health emergency. People are more concerned about their health than they were in 2019. World health organization has advised the people to take good care of their health, make their diet healthy, take preventive measures, and improve their immunity. They are taking preventive measures to avoid the coronavirus. The use of sanitizers and anti-germ soaps is increasing day by day. Everyone is taking care of his health. People are taking healthy food. They are worried about their health. No one wants to become a COVID-19 patient. A sense of responsibility regarding health is prevailing globally. This pandemic has made people realize that health is everything. As a result of this global health concern and the preventions taken to avoid coronavirus, people are enjoying better health. They are improving the immunity to fight other diseases as well.

The current situation has made health issues as one of the biggest issues of the modern world. Every nation is giving importance to the health sector. The health budget is increasing. Scientists are making more effective medicines and medical equipment to fight coronavirus and other diseases. The world has gained experience to plan for future incidents like this.

A new experience of working from home:

Almost every country is observing lockdown. Most of the field works are closed. People are working from their homes. It is a new experience from most of the people and it is expected to continue for a year or two. In this situation, the internet is considered one of the most important facilities. It is helping people to work, shop, and play during the lockdown. Some businesses are completely off. The Internet has provided them an opportunity to continue their business. People buy most of the household and other stuff from the internet while sitting at home.

Social distancing is the main reason behind this new concept of working from home. People are observing social distancing to avoid coronavirus as it transfers from one person to the other. Most of the companies and freelancers have changed their working style and they have started working from home to observe social distancing. There are so many mediums for such a purpose. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of working and it has made it easier.

People are getting more disciplined:

Lockdown and social distancing are being observed around the world. People are taking preventive measures and following Standard Operating Procedures and rules during their routine work. They are getting more disciplined because of such practice. It will help them in every field of life. The improved discipline will help governments to govern their citizens easily. Discipline is one of the most essential qualities. More disciplined nations are often more successful. It will help people after the pandemic. This situation has also made people understand the importance of discipline in daily life. Discipline is becoming a more important practice of the people. Discipline can save lives. It can save us from diseases like coronavirus. It will also help us in the future and make our society peaceful and worth living.

Our social life is affected badly by coronavirus:

In 2019, people were more social. They used to meet their friends, hang out, play outdoor games, enjoy social events, go on tours, etc. But, in 2020 there is no such thing. People are working, shopping, and playing in their houses. There are no social activities. No one meets his friends and families. Everyone is bound to his house only. This is because, people are observing social distancing and all the parks, cinemas and restaurants are closed. There is no place to go out. As a result, social life has completely vanished.

To prevent people from coronavirus, it is also badly impacting the lives of people. Being away from friends and family for months is causing depression and other mental ailments. There is no tourism as well. It has made tourism business to crash. People associated with the tourism business are unemployed causing stress and hardships to a large fraction of the society.

Economies are crashing:

In this situation of lockdown and social distancing, many businesses are not working. The unemployment rate is also high. The demand for certain things has decreased. Most of the industries are not working. This is resulting in a shortage of wealth. Almost every industry is facing a financial crisis. Independent companies as well as national economies are short of money. Exports are also shut down these days. As a result, economies of most of the countries are crashing. Recently, American oil markets have faced a severe financial crisis.

Most of the countries are suffering to buy necessary stuff and to pay debts. Expenditures of all the countries have increased because of coronavirus but the incomes have decreased largely. As a result, these countries are suffering from severe economic downfall. It is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing these days. The damage done by the coronavirus to the economies would take several years to make the economies flourish again.

The World after COVID-19:

COVID-19 has entirely changed the world. The world in 2020 is different than it was in 2019 and it would remain the same after the virus ends. Our social life will change entirely. We have to take preventive measures even after the pandemic.
The working style will also change. We will have to continue our work from home. Online shopping will increase. Governments would try to provide better internet facilities.
The medical sector will become more important and it will get a larger share in GDPs around the world. Most of the countries spend the highest share of their GDP on defense. They will cut their defense budget and give it to the medical and health sector.

Habits of people:

The habits of the people would also change. They would be more careful about their health. Many people will adopt a healthy diet. Social distancing would be common practice. Society will become more disciplined.
The world will always be ready to tackle such hazards in the future. Now the world is tackling COVID-19. Medical equipment and medical staff would be on stand by. We would see global brotherhood.

Economies would suffer for a few years after the coronavirus. Many businesses like online grocery, online clothing, medicine, and pharmaceutics will boom whereas tourism, restaurants, cinemas, etc, will suffer.
As of now, the world is suffering from COVID-19. We have to be mentally prepared for these social and economic changes to avoid depression and mental stress. We should create new opportunities for ourselves and come forward with creative ideas to deal with the changing world.

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