All you need to know about SpaceX’s satellite internet project

All you need to know about SpaceX’s satellite internet project

May 17, 2020 1 By Hamza Malik

Starlink Satellite Internet is the project of SpaceX. Space Exploration Technologies Corp, commonly known as SpaceX. It is a private American aerospace company. Its headquarter is in Hawthorne, California. Elon Musk founded this company. Elon Musk with the intension of taking people from Earth to space and colonize Mars. SpaceX has made several space crafts and satellites.

It has also performed many successful space missions. Starlink is a constellation of small satellites. Which are in Low Earth Orbits and transceivers on the ground. The main purpose is to provide satellite internet access around the world. It will provide free internet soon.

The estimated time duration for this project is 10 years. The total estimated cost is US$ 10 billion. Working on this project was started in 2015. The expected date for completion is 2025.
SpaceX is working to provide Starlink Satellite Internet to the public with a business point of view. Gwynne Shotwell, the president of the company, explained that Starlink is looking forward to involving the public in their business by providing them the internet.

More About SpaceX Starlink:

The constellation of Starlink would consist of 12000 satellites to take over broadband internet. So far, SpaceX has sent 240 satellites for Starlinks in Low Earth Orbits, making it the largest satellite constellation. The company is working to launch 24 missions with 60 flights each in the current year. The company is looking forward to providing free internet around the world.

After the Starlink project is complete, free internet will be available everywhere. Free internet would increase the number of internet users as well as internet usage. Internet-from-space will be way faster than the broadband internet. The company has the intention to provide the internet everywhere. After the completion of the project, the internet could be used anywhere without any hindrance.

There are some other companies as well that are working on satellite internet projects, like, Kepler Communications, OneWeb and Amazon, etc. Other than SpaceX, only OneWeb has succeeded to launch satellite for this purpose.
Starlink Satellite Internet project has some disadvantages as well. Such a large number of satellites in low Earth Orbits are disturbing astronomy. Images of the Earth taken from space are unclear, because of these bright satellites. These satellites are obstacles from other satellites going to high Earth Orbits.
Starlink satellite Internet is a great project, regarding the availability of the internet everywhere. There are some disadvantages as well such as space traffic. If this project is going to be a success then SpaceX has to think about it.

Find more about the project on their official website Starlink.

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