5 Modern Habits that are Damaging Your Health

5 Modern Habits that are Damaging Your Health

May 17, 2020 1 By Ali Haider

We are living in the modern world. And these new habits are affecting every aspect of our lives. We have access to everything. Our lives have become comfortable, with little physical and mental activities. We use computers, mobile phones, and the internet all day long. These technical gadgets have both positive and negative impacts on our lives. They have made our lives easy and lazy at the same time. The most important thing to understand is that the modern world of technology has changed our habits.

New habits are affecting our physical and mental health, our everyday work routine, our social lives, and even our eating and sleeping habits. We like eating out. We eat restaurant food which is not usually healthy. Junk food has become our favorite. These new habits have made our diet unhealthy, which is not suitable for us.

We have no physical activity; we hardly do exercise. Our sleep timing has changed also. We go to bed with our phones or computers and waste a large part of our time on randomly browsing useless things. This affects our sleep and, ultimately, our everyday task performance. To lead a healthy and joyful life, we have to change these unhealthy modern habits. The following are some current habits and their impacts on our lives.

Physical Inactivity is making us Lazy

Physical Inactivity is making us Lazy
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The modern world is the world of technology. We do everything with a click. No physical activity is present in our routine, we do everything on the internet. We have access to markets, workplaces, and every other thing on the internet. It has some positive as well as negative outcomes. Positive in such a way, that we have everything in our access.

We can get everything whenever we need it, and we don’t have to bother about it. Ordering grocery lying on our beds with the movement of our fingers. Ordering food while sitting at home and watching TV. We eat food sitting at the same place, and even after eating food, we keep sitting and make no physical movement.

We do our work from home. Our house is our office. In our spare time, we play video games and watch movies or TV series. In all these new habits, there is no physical activity. Lack of physical activity has made us lazy. It causes many diseases, as well. Obesity, heart diseases, poor digestion, respiratory disorders, and many other diseases are caused by these new habits of inactivity. We don’t exercise regularly. Most of the problems of our mental and physical health can be solved if we start doing physical activities and exercise regularly. We should put exercise in our daily schedule to become healthy and physically active.

Eating Unhealthy Food is ruining our Health

Eating Unhealthy Food is ruining our Health
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One of our new habits is that we don’t eat healthy food. We often eat out in restaurants. Junk food is our favorite. We hate home-cooked food. We have no fruits and vegetables in our diet. Our diet is unhealthy, which causes several different diseases. We are what we eat. We eat unhealthy food, and that is why our health is not good.

Eating unhealthy food affects our flesh, bones, and mind. The junk food we eat is making us fat, and it has no nutrition either. We should add fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, and eggs to our diet. We must change our habit of eating unhealthy food by switching our unhealthy diet to a healthy one. Eating healthy food is the key to long, healthy, and fit life. For this, we should quit eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking, and fried food, etc. These things make the body unfit.

As we have listened so many times that a healthy body possesses a healthy mind so, by taking a healthy diet our mind will also become healthy. A healthy balanced diet will help us in doing our work. A healthy body and mind can help the person to work hard and stay active all day long. So we should quit an unhealthy diet and adopt a healthy diet to lead a good life.

Sitting for a long period causes health issues

Sitting for a long period causes health issues
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One of our new habits is that we keep sitting at a place in one position for hours, for work, and other purposes. Most of us work on computers or play games or watch movies by sitting at a place. Sitting at home in one position can cause spinal and neck disorders. It can also disturb body posture. The spinal cord is one of the essential organs of the human body. It contains nerves and also helps in maintaining correct body posture. It is an integral part of body structure.

The spinal disorder can cause severe pain. It can also cause neck and muscle pain. It also makes us lazy and obese. Back, neck and muscle pains can be caused by sitting for a long time. These pains can affect our everyday work. We cannot do anything properly if we have such pain. It can also change our natural look by affecting our posture. It can be dangerous for our mental health as well because it can damage our nervous system. We should leave this habit to avoid severe pain and other health issues. For this purpose, we should take rest after sitting in a particular position for some time and walk for 5 to 10 minutes then come back to work again.

Looking at the screen for a long time affects the eyes and brain

Looking at the screen for a long time affects the eyes and brain
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As we have mentioned above, that nowadays we have to sit in front of computers and mobile phones and other screens to work, to play or to do something else. Our screen time has increased. We spend almost our whole day sitting in front of screens. There is so much harmful radiation coming from the screen. These radiations are extremely bad for our eyes and brain. Looking at the screen for a long time can directly affect our eyes. Our eyesight can become weak. We may lose our vision temporarily or permanently, in the worst case. Eyes are the most important organs of our body. We should take good care of them.

The harmful radiation coming from the screen can affect our brains, as well. It causes many neurological disorders. This will harm the normal functioning of the brain. It can also damage our intellectual abilities and emotional well-being. This causes sleeping sickness or even lead to insomnia. It can cause strange emotional feelings. To avoid such a situation, we should limit our screen time and use protective glass that may protect our eyes and brain from harmful radiation coming from the screen. We should only do significant work on display and avoid useless screen contact.

Sleeping poorly can damage our body and mind

Sleeping poorly can damage our body and mind
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One of the worst new habits is poor sleeping and unnatural sleep time. The human body needs sound sleep during natural sleep time. Sound sleep can help release body fatigue and mental stress. We must get good sleep to do our work every day. According to many types of research, an average human body needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. But nowadays, we sleep late at night, and because of sitting in front of the screen the whole day, we experience disturbed sleep.

This modern habit is hazardous for our mental and physical health. Not sleeping correctly may lead to insomnia. It can also cause various psychological diseases like hypertension, depression, anxiety, over-thinking, etc. This leads us to poor performance by diverting our focus from important work and affecting our memory. It also affects reaction time. This will damage our body’s health by changing our immunity. It can cause fatigue, headache, and laziness.

We must take a good 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. It will improve our mental and physical health. Sleeping correctly can make us feel fresh and active. It can improve our performance at school and in the workplace. It is also suitable for healthy and clean skin. We can get many benefits from developing our sleeping habits. We should take proper sleep at night to improve our physical and mental health.

By making minor changes in our everyday life, we can get a lot of benefits. With the change in the above mentioned modern habits, we can improve our physical and mental health. By doing so we can stand out in every field of life.

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