Google Meet now in Gmail, A great addition.

Google Meet now in Gmail, A great addition.

May 16, 2020 2 By Hifza Khan

Ever since there’s been a big push to work from home due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, many software is helping the folks to get connected, with some pros and cons. Google, who has the most significant contribution to the software industry, once again pleased the users by introducing Google Meet for video conferencing with some splendid features.

When It Came To existence?

Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts, was disclosed in April 2020 for paid customers through their G-suite accounts. As the Pandemic situation prevailed all over the world, Google opened the service for free to individuals with Google accounts. By Sep 30,2020 bunch of extraordinary features would be added to this and would be used for free.

Giant attempt to thwart Zoom’s pandemic-fueled popularity

As Pandemic began people looked for some good video conferencing software, Zoom enjoyed overwhelming success. They are forcing their rivals to introduce their apps to the competition. Google and Microsoft are trying their best that Zoom can not capture the market anymore, and this approach leads to the free bid of Google meet for users. Google is fully utilizing Gmail’s power to push its integrated video conferencing app, so; it surpasses the market share of zoom.

What Google Meet is offering?

Are you worried about your project/business/school meetings? Then we have the best solution to your problem. But before knowing what Google meet is offering, is there any specific requirements u should have to enjoy this flawlessly. So, let’s discuss this first:


G-Suite Users:

Admin will open up the Meet for the linked organization with that account.
It is mandatory if you opt for the creation of a video.
The organization will provide a link for joining the meeting with the persons they want.
For Users with Personal Gmail Account:
You Need a Google account to use Google Meet.
So, if you have any one of them you can create and join the meetings. For further OS or System requirements to have smooth video conferencing. Click here

Features of Google Meet

With the use of video conferencing apps more than ever, Google is offering the one that will be liked more. Best for larger group calls like schools/businesses as it focuses the security and privacy more than anyone.

A large number of participants:

Google meet is offering a larger number of participants to connect with each other at the same time. Non- G-Suite Users can have a maximum of up to 100 participants in a meeting while people accessing google meet with G-suite account can have their limit according to their account edition.
G Suite Education/basic allows 100 participants. Essential and Business allows 150. While Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education supports a maximum of 250 participants

More Layout Options:

When a larger number of participants are engaged in a call, Google meet is offering different layouts so that one can choose accordingly. Including a tiled layout, it looks better to see everyone at once

google Meet layout Options
Layout options In Google Meet

Meeting Recorder

Google meet allows recording of meetings and these recordings are saved in Google Drive. Then, you can share with your fellows or upload it wherever you want.

Recording option only for G-Suite customers
Recording option in Google Meet

Google Meet in G-mail Web

No need for switching to the desktop or mobile app while working with your G-mail from the web. Just click on the Meet icon right below your inbox and start or join the meeting.

G-mail web  access to Meet
Google Meet in G- mail web

Better screen sharing options:

Google offers some unique screen sharing moods instead of whole screen sharing. Options include the sharing of the entire window: a specific screen or a particular Chrome tab. Chrome Tab option is added for better sharing of the videos. Even you can easily stream a YouTube video from someone else screen clear and loud.

Screen sharing options in G-Meet
Multiple Screen Sharing options In Google Meet

High-quality audio and video in Google Meet:

As we all need video conferencing to work from home, for business meetings, for school lectures/assignments/quizzes. Its need of the hour that video and audio quality must be good so that everyone can share their side smoothly. Google meet is offering high-quality video and can present full-motion videos (up to 30 fps) during a meeting.

No Time Limit:

Google meet allows you to have a 60 Minutes meeting, but for pandemic situation until Sep 30, 2020, Google has lifted this restriction, and you can have 24 hrs meeting flawlessly. This uplift has given great relaxation in these crises, and works from home are easy to accomplish.
All these essential features for video conferencing, Google promised a raft of features yet to come till Sep 30, 2020.

Advanced Features, Google Meet is promising

Google claims that Google Meet is offering many advantages, counting prevalent video and sound quality, with 30% less utilization of web transfer speed due to the use of Vp9 codecs as used on YouTube.
Some of the features Google is working on, to make Google Meet the best app or it may have the edge over Zoom are:

Fighting the Background noise:

One of the main features Google highlighting nowadays, with his employees, is the cancellation of extra surrounding noises. Working from home becomes even more difficult when you are attending a video conference, and the meeting got disturbed continuously by background noises. If it is achieved, it will be a great benefit. Commotion cancellation is performed on Google’s cloud servers so that it can be connected to any gadget, counting tablets and smartphones. It’ll be empowered within the coming weeks for Google’s enterprise Clients, but however not chosen for complimentary clients.

“There’s a lot of talk about de-noising now that everyone is at home and the dogs are barking, the kids are fighting and the vacuum cleaners are going,”

Lachapelle (Director General At G-Suite)

“Lachapelle scrunched a bag of sweets right in front of the microphone that made it difficult to hear what he was saying, before switching on the noise cancellation, upon which the noise dropped to a gentle background rustle, leaving his voice clear.” Said Barry Collins

Presenter Features:

Presenter features the first part is introduced in the form of multiple screen sharing options to avoid the sensitive content shown in the background. For better video sharing, that will be an attractive feature for so many quarantined people at home.
Google is also working on bringing the presenter out of shadow by using “AI” to enhance the brightness of the participant’s face if he is sitting in dim light or a bright source (like an open window at the back) so that everyone can participate confidently.
I am also working on an obscured foundation or a custom backdrop adding option.

Google is working on both and needed to actualize them “over the board”, focusing both desktop and portable clients would have the highlights added on


Advance Enhanced Safety:

Zoom, Google’s rival, has a one-week point, and that is security, discussed over and over again. Google has taken specific initiatives to make Google Meet more secure than other software in competition. Google Meet has been linked with Google’s existing account, which provides the facility of two-factor authentication.

“We built Meet on top of WebRTC, which is an open-source platform that’s been specified and standardized at the Internet Engineering Task Force, which is a large group of experts around the world that take a look at the fundamentals of the internet,”



Google Meet, with no doubts, is an excellent addition to the software industry, putting rivals into high stress and introducing all great features from no time limit to a more significant number of participants. With no need to accurately install an app to better screen sharing options. It all combines to end up into a great software that will be going to attract the users towards itself.

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