Top 5 facts about space that many of us still don’t know

Top 5 facts about space that many of us still don’t know

May 12, 2020 1 By Iman Gul

Space is everything in the universe beyond the top of the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s vast, it’s dark, and it’s mysterious. We always had this curiosity to look beyond our world. Here we have a look at the top 5 of most lesser-known facts about space.

Top 5 Facts About Space:



There is no noise in space each and everything is quiet. There are no particles in the enormous gaps of nothingness between cosmic bodies in space to vibrate, and thus the initial vibrations of the guitar string wouldn’t have anything to transfer to, and no one would ever hear it. Space is more silent than you could ever imagine; it’s not entirely devoid of sound. Sound waves cannot travel through space, but there are some infinitesimally small regions where music can exist under particular conditions.

Uncountable Stars:

Uncountable Stars

Investigate the sky on a starry evening, out of the glare of streetlights. You will see two or three thousand individual stars with your unaided eyes. With even an unassuming beginner telescope, millions more will come into see. The enormous size of the space makes it difficult to anticipate the quantity of stars. The quantity of stars is almost 400 to 500 billion.

Footprints on Moon For millions of years:

footprint on moon

Moon has no environment, so there is no wind or air or water to wash impressions. So the impressions of Astronauts will be there for many years. It might have been a long time since we keep going set foot on the moon. Its surface is as yet set apart with the authentic impressions of the 12 space explorers who also stepped across it. .That is on the grounds that the moon has no environment. It exists in the vacuum of room where there are no delicate breezes to clear up the residue and eradicate the impressions.

One Day at Venus is as long as 240-245 days on Earth:

Venus is the hottest planet

Venus is frequently alluded to as “Earth’s Sister” planet due to the different things they share for all intents and purpose. For instance, the two planets dwell inside our Sun’s tenable zone. Venus planet has slowest hub turn, which takes roughly 240-245 days to finish day.

NASA Suit:


A space suit is a piece of clothing worn to keep a human alive in the unforgiving condition of space. Likewise remember temperature limits. Spacesuits are frequently worn inside rocket as a wellbeing precautionary measure if there should arise an occurrence of loss of compartment pressurization. It’s is fundamental for extravehicular action (EVA)work done outside shuttle.70% expense is for rucksack and modules. Three sorts of spacesuits exist for various purposes: IVA (intravehicular action), EVA (extravehicular movement), and IEVA (Intra/extravehicular action).

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