How to use Zoom,Google meet and Skype:

How to use Zoom,Google meet and Skype:

May 8, 2020 0 By Iman Gul

Due to the COVID-19 situation, everybody is stuck at home. There are many ways to get connect to your friends, family, and office colleagues.You might need to spare a chronicle of the gathering so you can return to it later. That could let you tune in to an instructor’s talk once more. . That’s if you forget any critical point at the conference. You can also announce any important news there with your friends and family. There are many apps by which you can connect with them. It includes Zoom; Google meet, Skype, etc. In this post, I will tell you how to use them.


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On the zoom application, you can record calls whether you’re a free client or a paid client. In case you’re a free client, you’ll just have the option to spare chronicles to your PC. On the off chance that you need to spare accounts to the cloud, at that point you have to pay cash for it. It is noted for its basic interface and ease of use, explicitly for non-tech individuals. Highlights remember one-for one gatherings, bunch video meetings, screen sharing, modules, program expansions. What’s more, the capacity to record gatherings and have them naturally interpreted. Zoom is perfect with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

How to record a meeting on Zoom:


1. In case you’re the host of your Zoom call, click the record button on the toolbar at the base of the call window to begin the recording.

2.At the point when the account begins, you’ll have the option to delay or stop the chronicle utilizing catches in the upper left corner of your screen or on the Zoom toolbar.

3. In the event that you are going for a nearby account, the call will be changed over into a .mp4 record and spared to your PC when you end your gathering. In my testing, it consequently opened the Finder window to the envelope with both sound and video variants of the chronicle.

4. In the event that you are going for a cloud recording, when you end your gathering, Zoom will show you a message saying that you’ll get an email when the record is prepared. That email had a connect to Zoom’s site with sound and video forms of the account, and they will give you a secret word ensured connection to see sound and video recording.


Google Meet
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Google Meet is the business-situated rendition of Hangouts by google stage and is appropriate for organizations everything being equal. It is a meeting app.The arrangement empowers clients to make video calls with up to 30 clients for every top notch video meeting.

How to record a meeting on Google Meet:

  1. On the off chance that you are in the gathering, click the symbol with the three vertical spots in the lower right hand of your screen. The menu will show up on the screen, and on head of it, you will see a “Record Meeting” choice. Snap that to begin recording. The coordinator can have this gathering.
  2. To quit recording, click the three vertical dabs once more. Snap on the “Quit recording” menu choice at the head of the rundown.
  3. Chronicles will be spared to the gathering coordinator’s Google Drive in “Meet Recordings.” The coordinator will likewise get an email with a connect to the record.


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Skype is a broadcast connection application that spends significant time in video and audio calls. It aloso offers messgaing too. Skype is very simple and easy to use for every age group.

How we can record a meeting on Skype:

  • At least one person is needed to have a call on skype. When the other individual has gone along with, you should see an alternative to “Begin Recording” in the base left corner of your call window when you move your mouse. Either individual can tap on that to begin a chronicle.
  • To quit recording, click the “Quit recording” button at the head of the screen or in a similar base left corner of the window where the “Begin Recording” button was.
  • At the point when you end your call, you’ll have the option to get to the chronicle in the Skype application and download it to your PC. Accounts will be accessible for 30 days.

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