Microsoft Windows 10X will be Launched for Laptops in the Current Year of 2020

Microsoft Windows 10X will be Launched for Laptops in the Current Year of 2020

May 5, 2020 0 By Ali Haider

Microsoft Officials have announced the launch of Windows 10X in the current year of 2020. But unfortunately, this version of Windows will not be compatible with dual-screen devices. Windows 10X version 2020 will be compatible with single-screen devices only.

The journey started in 1985 from Windows 1.0 has now reached to Microsoft Windows 10X in 2020 that will be launched, the top version of Windows 10. Windows evolved from inconvenient, primary, and less efficient to the simple, modern, and multitasker ones.

Microsoft Windows and devices chief, Panos Panay, explains that the Windows 10X was to be made for dual-screen devices like surface-Neo in October last year but the World this year is very different than it was last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He further says that Microsoft users are few steps away from experiencing the power of the cloud that has never been experienced.

People have moved toward laptops and PCs for work and study instead of mobile phones and tablets. So the company has decided to launch the Microsoft Windows 10X for the single-screen devices. Microsoft Windows 10X for dual-screen devices like foldable computers, phones, and dual-screen phones will be launched next year. The company is working on the dual-screen version of Windows 10X. We are not sure yet when it will be released.

Will Microsoft Windows 10X be efficient?

Microsoft Windows 10X will be more efficient than the previous versions. It has more UI and UX improvements, which will allow users to get a better experience of multitasking, using the start menu and quick access to settings, etc. Windows 10X will have stripped back. It will be modern and cloud-powered with improved performance and security. These improvements would make Microsoft Windows 10X device the competitor of Chromebooks.

Microsoft Windows 10X will have improvements regarding updates. It will take less time to update. It will have some new, vibrant and trendy wallpapers as well. Overall, Microsoft Windows 10X will be modern, efficient, convenient, and more secure. Never the less we are sure that Microsoft Windows 10X launch is going to be a significant change for its users.

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